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Forming Section, Drainage Boxes, & Strips

CVN Vooner Paper Machinery can provide parts from a spare foil blade in polyethylene to match your existing, up to a duel compartment vacuum assisted foil box with ceramic blades. We have the experience to provide the drainage component you need in the forming section no matter how small or large.


Showers, Actuators, Nozzles, & Brushes

CVN Vooner Paper Machinery has been designing shower systems for over 30 years. We have provided showers for every application on a paper machine ranging from felt cleaning showers, lubrication showers, stationary cleaning showers, stationary chemical showers, and pulp washer showers. 

Uhle Boxes, Strips & Covers

CVN Vooner Paper Machinery uhle/suction boxes provide the strongest design on the market. The uhle/suction boxes have an integrated "open throat" design with internal structural support that allows for the weight of ceramic strips without fear of failure. This dewatering element is the "heart" of a paper machine. If the suction/uhle box is sized correctly the proper amount of water from the felt will be removed before the felt travels to the dryer, which provides energy savings at the mill.   

Vooner Flogard Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are an integral part of the paper making for de-watering and felt conditioning. Proper sizing of the vacuum pump to the applcations is critical to the paper making process.


Separators and Weir Tanks

The inlet separator is necessary for any vacuum box application that removes water. By removing water and fiber from reaching the vacuum pump will ensure consistent vacuum levels during operation. If the vacuum pump processes this extra water and solids it can cause vacuum surging, buildup and erosion in the vacuum pump, plus premature belt and motor failure.


Gravity Fiber Strainers

Gravity Strainers are designed to strain large amounts of "white water", water with large amounts of suspended solids. These units are for application where the concentration and the flows are too high for pressurized filters.

Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is primarily used for cooling vacuum pump seal water to allow the vacuum pump to run more efficiently. Vacuum pump capacities are based on marketing curves using 60 degree F seal water. It is cost affective to run vacuum pumps with the coolest water possible.